LED Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana

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Why buy from us?

Q: Why do I need a LED grow light?

A: Compare to HPS/MH lamp, LED grow lights are Energy-saving,Zero heat emiting,No expensive accesories,long life time,higher effeciency,Simple using,Environmental-friendly. 

*Energy Saving- LED saves a 60-80% electricity bill than HID lamp. 

*Zero heat emiting- LED is cold light source with built in fans for LED chip cool and run well,don't burn your plants. 

*No expensive accesories- don't need ballasts, reflectors, air-conditioner which cost your more.

*Long life time- over 50,000hours, don't need replace bulbs or other parts.

*high effeciency- LED only emit useful wavelength for plants growing,over 90% or better effeciency than HID's 35% on output energy. 

*Simple using- Plug and play, no need installation. 

*Enviromental friendly- don't contain any harmful substance,green hi-technology for our earth.

Q:What is the wavelength suit to my plants?

A:Forms of electromagnetic radiation like radio waves, light waves or infrared (heat) waves make characteristic patterns as they travel through space. Each wave has a certain shape and length. The distance between peaks (high points) is called wavelength.Each shade of light along the visible spectrum can be measured in nanometers (nm) that range from 380nm to about 780nm, from blue/violet to red. spectral region influence the Plant Physiology:

280 ~ 315nm The shape and the physiological processes of little effect.

315 ~ 400nnm Chlorophyll absorbs less, influence light cycle effect, prevent stem elongation.

400 ~ 520nm(Blue) Chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb the largest percentage, the biggest influence on photosynthesis.

520 ~ 610nm  Pigment absorption rate is not high.

610 ~ 720nm(Red) Chlorophyll absorption rate is low, for photosynthesis and light cycle effect have notable effect.

720 ~ 1000nm Absorption rate is low, stimulate cell extended, influencing flowering and seed germination In a word, the red,blue,orange is main wavelength/color energy for plants' photosynthesis.

More information or questions,please check LED VS HPS(MH) Lights or contact me for help if you like.



* 3-year warranty and 20-day money-back guarantee

* 1 unit order is acceptable, No minimum order

* Fast shipping time,door to door delivery

* Top quality lamps with competitive price

* Live Support service and quick response on customer service

* Variety of LED models for different growing needs

* Special customized items to suit for variety of plants growing/flowering/fruiting

* High intensity of products for Canopy penetration

LED Grow Light For Growing Marijuana
What Do Our Customers Say?
These LED lights have served me great. i dont know if they really cover a 8 by 8 growing area adequately like they claim.

The plants under these seem to grow just a fast as plants under sun light in my 6 by 6 grow area.

Isaiah Lena

I have 13 tomato plants growing for the last 2 months solely under one of these lamps. I will say that I probably need a second one now that the plants are getting big but they are still growing fine.

Edith Herty

I have been using the 120W LED grow light for some time and I couldn't be happier. I started my peppers and tomatoes indoors and moved 50% of the seedlings to my outdoor garden. The plants that remained indoors are growing just as fast as the ones that were transplanted in to the outside garden but the plants under the LEDs are much bushier and fuller. The plants outside were taller as they stretched towards the sun but the plants that remained indoors were compact and very full and are produce more flowers/fruit than the outdoor plants. I have also used my 120W LED grow lights to perk up houseplants that are in need of light. These things are great.

Caroline Dolly

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