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Why buy from us?

Q: Why do I need a LED grow light?

A: Compare to HPS/MH lamp, LED grow lights are Energy-saving,Zero heat emiting,No expensive accesories,long life time,higher effeciency,Simple using,Environmental-friendly. 

*Energy Saving- LED saves a 60-80% electricity bill than HID lamp. 

*Zero heat emiting- LED is cold light source with built in fans for LED chip cool and run well,don't burn your plants. 

*No expensive accesories- don't need ballasts, reflectors, air-conditioner which cost your more.

*Long life time- over 50,000hours, don't need replace bulbs or other parts.

*high effeciency- LED only emit useful wavelength for plants growing,over 90% or better effeciency than HID's 35% on output energy. 

*Simple using- Plug and play, no need installation. 

*Enviromental friendly- don't contain any harmful substance,green hi-technology for our earth.

Q:What is the wavelength suit to my plants?

A:Forms of electromagnetic radiation like radio waves, light waves or infrared (heat) waves make characteristic patterns as they travel through space. Each wave has a certain shape and length. The distance between peaks (high points) is called wavelength.Each shade of light along the visible spectrum can be measured in nanometers (nm) that range from 380nm to about 780nm, from blue/violet to red. spectral region influence the Plant Physiology:

280 ~ 315nm The shape and the physiological processes of little effect.

315 ~ 400nnm Chlorophyll absorbs less, influence light cycle effect, prevent stem elongation.

400 ~ 520nm(Blue) Chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb the largest percentage, the biggest influence on photosynthesis.

520 ~ 610nm  Pigment absorption rate is not high.

610 ~ 720nm(Red) Chlorophyll absorption rate is low, for photosynthesis and light cycle effect have notable effect.

720 ~ 1000nm Absorption rate is low, stimulate cell extended, influencing flowering and seed germination In a word, the red,blue,orange is main wavelength/color energy for plants' photosynthesis.

More information or questions,please check LED VS HPS(MH) Lights or contact me for help if you like.



* 3-year warranty and 20-day money-back guarantee

* 1 unit order is acceptable, No minimum order

* Fast shipping time,door to door delivery

* Top quality lamps with competitive price

* Live Support service and quick response on customer service

* Variety of LED models for different growing needs

* Special customized items to suit for variety of plants growing/flowering/fruiting

* High intensity of products for Canopy penetration

The Most Popular Items--600w LED Grow Light 3w
What Do Our Customers Say?
This is my second purchase of the LED technology. I was impressed with the first one (45W LED grow light panel), but this far surpasses my expectations. Anyone looking for better growing technology should give LED an opportunity. I am more than impressed. Shipped and received in time. Overall a perfect buy. 5 stars!!!

Kelsen Maurice

It draws less power than a fluorescent bulb, HPS bulb, or incandescent bulb with the same output. Less energy wasted by heat buildup that your plants don't really appreciate in the fist place.

I had some seedlings that just popped up within the week and I had the products to the side of the starter greenhouse. On another side I put a 800 watt HPS grow light equidistant from the plants as this light.

Since the seedlings are phototropic in nature (plant movement to face the light source) this was a good test to see which light source they preferred.

The result was the LED grow light. I was surprised a little. I don't know how the plants will act once they are fully matured as indoors herbs (cilantro/coriander and spices (mustard).

Overall a nice buy for my needs.

Isaac Horace

the light is FAR brighter than i expected (which is a good thing for the application i wanted), these are much brighter than "moonlights" and will keep your fish and coral awake until they turn off.

Madge Lewis

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