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I have been using the 120W LED grow light for some time and I couldn't be happier. I started my peppers and tomatoes indoors and moved 50% of the seedlings to my outdoor garden. The plants that remained indoors are growing just as fast as the ones that were transplanted in to the outside garden but the plants under the LEDs are much bushier and fuller. The plants outside were taller as they stretched towards the sun but the plants that remained indoors were compact and very full and are produce more flowers/fruit than the outdoor plants. I have also used my 120W LED grow lights to perk up houseplants that are in need of light. These things are great.

Caroline Dolly

After considering that the positive reviews were on this one specifically, I decided it was worth a chance.

LEDs can produce the exact wavelength of light that plants need to grow, and if desired, just about no other wave length. Compare this to fluorescent lights, the majority of which is UV light, which worse than being an inefficient wavelength for plant growth, it can actually damage the plants! Where these LEDs gain their efficiency (because they are not as bright as HPS lights) is in their concentration into a wavelength that is ideal for plants.

The problem is that it is hard to guarantee that the LEDs will be the right wavelength, and the technology to do so is still expensive. When I ordered the 600w led grow light, I wasn't sure if these were the correct LEDs. Boy did the prove that they are!

The results have been amazing. I have never grown any kind of plant under indoor lighting, but those who have and have seen the results of the LED grow lights are mightily impressed.

You can place the LED grow light incredibly close to your plants since it doesn't get any warmer than room temperature. It won't burn your plants. And the closer the proximity, the greater the intensity of light. This is another big plus over high temperature HPS lights. The downside is that keeping the distance low means that the light will cover less area. That said, my light is ~12inches away from the top of my plants, they receive ample light, and it covers about 6x6 feet, with about 20 plants under the lights.

All in all, if you are looking for a low-energy-cost, low-heat lighting for indoor plants, I highly recommend the 600W LED grow light.

Ferguson Gunter

This 90 watt LED grow light work perfectly, The plants grow better under 90 watts LED then they have under a 250 watt HID.

Baldwin Leacock

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