LED Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana

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More Info About 1 watt chip LED grow lights

LED Grow Lights can be used for plant growth in three different ways:

1. To provide all the light a plant needs to grow

2. To supplement sunlight, especially in winter months when daylight hours are short.

3. To increase the length of the "day" in order to trigger specific growth and flowering.

Here are several reasons why you may choose to grow your leafy greens under led lights.

1- you may not have a readily accessible sunny window ledge or you may not have enough of them. I have a kitchen window ledge that gets good sun in summer but very little in winter.

2- using our desk light series you can use the lights to grow your sprouts as well as light the work area of the desk(the shade rotates to adjust the spread of light). A great break from work to look up and see your salad growing in front of you, or on your kitchen bench shedding extra light on your copping board.

3- you may have a large family or like me like lots of salad so you can easily turn a bookshelf into your own personal salad farm.

4- as mentioned before growing sprouts inside is very convenient and free from animal and insect competition, growing under lights gives you flexibility as to where you do it with limited space, and growth rates are not affected by season, making having an indoor garden that much easier.

5- using the latest low wattage, high intensity LED grow lights, gives you even more options as it is now not only much cheaper to run, they can also be used to grow vegetables to flower & fruit

LED Grow lights for greenhouse hydroponic system gardening feature:

1) Unique heat dissipation, light decay very small

2) Wide voltage design.

3) Wavelength can be easily changed and composed.

4) Light weight small volume, long life, broken,resistence, no waste. Can provide the light energy.

5) For the plant , the light effiency is very high, 30 times than MH,HPS, can provide the different kinds of wavelength required by the plants , this realize the high effiency , enviroment -friendly production for agriculture, can save 3-5 times power consumption.

LED grow lights advantage:

1)Enviroment -friendly production

2)Energy saved

3)Long lifespan time and let your cost down

4)RED and BLUE ray is effective for growing plant and plant can absorb the red/blue ray completely,and using HPS light is only absorb 5% of ray energy by the plant.

5)In a word, LED grow light help your plant growing! This kind of LED grow light can accelerate the photosynthesis, produced with infrared ray and suitable wavelength of LED.

The LED grow light makes use of the pure LED light and suitable for the plant growing, which will make flowers blooms longer and the vegetables grow quicker.

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