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I am replacing a 150w HQI and when I put this over my tank it was almost the same amount of light. If anything it is a little bit brighter. It looks like a 20k bulb with it being a little bit bluer.

Paul Roy

This 120W LED grow lights really made my plants pop, I think the extra color really helped.

Marshall Murray

I have never had much luck with standard plant lights and with very few windows in my small home I have never been able to keep many plants inside, now I can have a greenhouse in my basement!
The lights are very and do not put off too much heat.
My hydrangea are strong and healthy and some sunflowers I started have already broken the soil.

Housman Kitty

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More Info About 3 watt chip LED Aquarium Lights

Aquarium LED lighting has been utilized for specific types of lights e. g. evening. As being the systems has progressed, this can be a contender for being the main source of light and is a popular theme in the fish tank maintenance world. It can not only help to make your aquarium tank look more attractive but can also be very power effective, long-lasting, produces small warmth plus it is highly customizable and is both versatile and light.

Aquarium LED lighting can be used to create a moonlight effect which is a very different look for a aquarium and lets you watch what happens inside your fish tank during the night time. Whatever the lighting effects you choose, be careful as water and lights/electrical rarely mix well.

Aquarium LED lighting Could Boost Benefit of your Aquarium.

Most people enjoy keeping fish tanks. People do this not only to enjoy watching the fish (or the reef) in their natural environment but also because it adds to the beauty within their place. Until recently most of the people have used fluorescent tubes for their fish tanks in order to see the style of the aquarium and the fish clearly. Aquarium LED lighting has improved noticeably throughout the last decade and could be used to light the tank and actually catch your vision without being glaringly bright. Lots of people say that the light they supply for soft coral reef tanks specifically is wonderful.

Several benefits of LED Aquarium Lighting

Any lights should not enhance the temperature of the aquarium as fish, coral and plants could be temperature sensitive. LED aquarium lights are a good choice since they produce almost no heat, and gives great lighting while consuming minor electrical energy. LED’s last for years – one common approximation you will see is 50, 000 hours that is nicely past the use of tubes or bulbs. The fact they offer off little heat which is absorbed by the water indicates you will not get heat alterations and also have to mess around with chillers.

It must be claimed that any form of lighting only will do so much. No lighting fixtures in the world could make a messy tank look good. It is going to just highlight the dirt in the aquarium. Which means ensure that your fish tank is clean: remove all flying dirt, fit the plants if you have any and clear the sides of your tank. This should also involve switching out the main water periodically. You can perform this by yourself. Many people see that the time they conserve for themselves may be worth it. Look for an advise from additional information or professional on LED lighting.

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