LED Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana

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LED Grow Light VS HID VS Incandescent VS Fluorescent Parameter Comparision (for reference only)
LED Grow Lights
Incandescent Lamp
Fluorescent Lamp
Light efficiency
80 lum/ W
100 lum / W
20 lum / W
80 lum / W
Feature of Lighting Source
Solid State Lighting
Gas Discharge Lighting
Solid State Lighting
Gas Discharge Lighting
More than 50000 hours
8000 hours
3000 hours
10000 hours
No Pollution
Pollution by 
Mercury & Lead
No Pollution
Pollution by 
Starting Waste
Normal Input Current
Instant Big Current
tallish current
Instant Big Current
Starting Time
Nano-Second Degree
>1 Minutes
>150 microsecond
>800 microsecond
Mid (>75)
Transformer Power Consumption (loss)
Working Voltage
85V/265V AC
High voltage
110V/220V AC
High voltage

As we know ,the HPS, Incandescent Lamp and Fluorescent Lamp emit all the spectrum of visible light & some sightless light,but LED Grow Lights only deliver the colours of light used by plants for efficient and healthy growth !



LED Grow Lights are the newest and most efficient way to grow plants indoors! This revolutionary form of light is different from other traditional lights, such as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH). LED Grow Lights are comprised of multiple low-watt light sources, working together on a single board. HID lighting is extremely inefficient; it generates a lot of heat while only producing 30% photosynthetic light. Unlike HIDs, 1W LED emit very little heat because all the power is efficiently converted into targeted light wavelengths for plants. For this reason, additional fans, ducting and AC are rarely if ever necessary. Additionally, LEDs will last 50,000 before they've lost even 30% of their initial output, not to mention they're still 100% functional! So there is no need for yearly or bi-yearly bulb changes, as 50,000 hours is 6 solid years, and after that you can still continue using the light! Lastly, LED grow lights use 65-70% less energy than traditional HID lighting, while producing the same or better results. With no additional cooling costs, bulb costs, and decreased electrical costs every month, imagine what you can do with the extra money!


Incredible Energy & Cost Savings
A 90W LED UFO Grow Light produces as much light as a standard 400W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light. According to the US Dept. of Energy, the average price of power is 10.7 cents per kilowatt-hour. For one year of use (12 hours per day) a 400 W HID light adds $187.46 to your bill while a 90W LED Light adds ONLY $42.18!! That’s nearly 80% less!!


90W led grow light with HPS and MH.jpg

LED Grow Light and HPS(MH) in greenhouse


Red Light
Red Light is in the vicinity of the first peak of a plants light absorption spectrum (660nm) and it contributes to the plant photosynthesis. Red light, when combined with blue light, encourages flowering. It can also be used in higher doses to stimulate flowering, seeding and fruiting. 

Blue Light
Blue light is responsible primarily for vegetative growth (leaf). It is known that chlorophyll has the second distinct absorption peak in the vicinity of blue light wavelengths (450nm). The blue light is also indispensable to the morphologically healthy growth plant. There is also more sunlight energy in the blue-green wavelengths.

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