Aquarium LED Light As Core Light, Is It Enough?

Aquarium LED lighting has been utilized for specific types of lights e. g. evening. As being the systems has progressed, this can be a contender for being the main source of light and is a popular theme in the fish tank maintenance world. It can not only help to make your aquarium tank look more attractive but can also be very power effective, long-lasting, produces small warmth plus it is highly customizable and is both versatile and light.

Aquarium LED lighting can be used to create a moonlight effect which is a very different look for a aquarium and lets you watch what happens inside your fish tank during the night time. Whatever the lighting effects you choose, be careful as water and lights/electrical rarely mix well.

Aquarium LED lighting Could Boost Benefit of your Aquarium.

Most people enjoy keeping fish tanks. People do this not only to enjoy watching the fish (or the reef) in their natural environment but also because it adds to the beauty within their place. Until recently most of the people have used fluorescent tubes for their fish tanks in order to see the style of the aquarium and the fish clearly. Aquarium LED lighting has improved noticeably throughout the last decade and could be used to light the tank and actually catch your vision without being glaringly bright. Lots of people say that the light they supply for soft coral reef tanks specifically is wonderful.

Several benefits of LED Aquarium Lighting

Any lights should not enhance the temperature of the aquarium as fish, coral and plants could be temperature sensitive. LED aquarium lights are a good choice since they produce almost no heat, and gives great lighting while consuming minor electrical energy. LED’s last for years – one common approximation you will see is 50, 000 hours that is nicely past the use of tubes or bulbs. The fact they offer off little heat which is absorbed by the water indicates you will not get heat alterations and also have to mess around with chillers.

It must be claimed that any form of lighting only will do so much. No lighting fixtures in the world could make a messy tank look good. It is going to just highlight the dirt in the aquarium. Which means ensure that your fish tank is clean: remove all flying dirt, fit the plants if you have any and clear the sides of your tank. This should also involve switching out the main water periodically. You can perform this by yourself. Many people see that the time they conserve for themselves may be worth it. Look for an advise from additional information or professional on LED lighting.

I have small company in aquarium and aquascape. Several indifidual aquarist commonly ask me methods to light the aquarium. In case you want information about aquarium lighting can see my website As I mentioned, Aquarium LED lighting has several advantages for your aquarium, just read and test.

LED Grow lights for plants

Grow lights for plants are a very important part of a successful indoor garden. If you want to have healthy plants that produce high yields, then you will need grow lights for plants. Light provided by grow lights for plants will make the your indoor garden flourish. This is because grow lights for plants replace the light they would normally receive from the sun. This light is one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor, of photosynthesis. Whether you grow plants in soil, or with a hydroponics system like ebb and flow, deep water culture, or other methods, proper grow lights for plants are necessary to promote plant growth. In order to maximize the growth and production of your indoor garden, and to get the most out your plants, you should use grow lights for plants.


Grow lights for plants are used by indoor growers due to all of the benefits they provide to plant growth and development. Grow lights for plants emit intense light in very specific wavelengths and spectrum that is ideal for plant growth. The type of light intensity and spectrum (color) the plants need is determined by the growth stage they are in – propagation, cloning, vegetation, flowering, budding, etc.. There are many of different grow lights for plants to choose from HID grow lights like metal halide grow lights (MH grow lights) and high pressure sodium grow lights (HPS grow lights), LED grow lights, T5 grow lights, compact fluorescent grow lights and other fluorescent grow lights, and more. Each of these grow lights for plants have different benefits to plants.


Grow lights for plants are commonly used by indoor growers using hydroponics systems. With hydroponics, plants are grown in a grow medium without the use of soil. The plants receive food and nutrition through a nutrient rich solution of dissolved nutrients in water. When hydroponics systems are paired with the proper grow lights for plants, they will produce larger and healthier plants. With hydroponics, the grower can control the food, nutrients, and minerals that plants need to grow and have high yields. Grow lights for plants are a critical piece of every indoor garden.

Which Color Blend Makes the Best LED Grow Lights?

Color Ratios Affect Yield

If you were to try growing a flowering plant with white light it will grow, but not as good as you may think.  Once you have seen that white light compared to a tested color ratio in a quality grow light using LEDs it becomes very obvious that a certain color blend is ideal for each type of plant and affects yield in a big way.

Obvious Colors are Blue and Red

Blue and Red LEDs have been the most commonly used LEDs above all but these are mainly used because of photosynthesis charts that are found online.  Although photosynthesis is very important it is not the only action taking place in a plant to create large fruits, flowers and buds.  Over the years we have found that even colors that people have never used are extremely beneficial.

Closely Guarded Secret Colors

If you are looking to buy the best LED grow lights you will be best served searching for high quality reviews of each companies lights and choose which one you like the best.  The reason for this is the colors that make up the “secret sauce” is usually closely guarded and not given out to the general public.  Even if the company claims to disclose their color ratios and lens degree it is almost always a different ratio or even different wavelengths of color that they actually use.

It is important not to get caught up on the exact color ratios that are used and how many of each color but instead focus on the results that the company can prove with their lights.  Many companies claim to have the “Best in the World” but then go on to get beat by other companies time and time again.  Color ratios are vital to the success of the light you choose but you will only know how well that ratio works by seeing results, not counting LEDs.

All Blue Spectrum 90W UFO LED Grow Light with 3W Chip Hydroponics Light

All Red 90W UFO LED Grow Light with 3W Chip

All Spectrum 3W UFO LED Grow Plants Lights RBOW+IR+UV

How to Clone Plants: Advice from Experienced Growers

Cloning Plants, The Right Way
Cloning plants can be a very frustrating process for new and even experienced growers trying to clone for the first time.  Cloning is basically a way to extend the life of the plant you are taking clones from.  It is usually done on a vegetative female and then placed in a growing medium until roots develop.  The newly cloned plants are then placed in the pots or garden location where they will flower and be harvested.

We asked our experienced Facebook fans for their best advice on cloning plants.  Add your advice for other growers on cloning plants with a comment below!

Here you go:

1.  “Use sterile scalpel, clean fresh well aieriated circulating bathwater with weak nutrient in solution for cuttings. Keep a clone mother in veg cycle for production of growing tips for clones. Trim cutting of all but top 4-6 leafs. Dip in Ro…otone, (similar), place in bath quickly, under low light for a day. Trimmed branches can be placed in cup of water and refrigerated for up to a week, trim to 3-4 inches and 4-6 leafs, dip in rooting powder, place in bathwater/jacuzzi. Med- low light for a day.”

2.  “For best clones cut 5 to 6 in , from growth tip, dip in cold water then clone jell, then rooting hormone. Then put in rockwool cube or whatever you’re using then place in dome or 2 plastic containers, place one on top of the other making a box. Place heating pad under container, because roots grow towards heat. Open an mist 3 times every 24 hours. About 7 days later you’ll see roots cumming out then plant. Good luck guys!
3.  “Sterility is key, you don’t want a lot of dirty air getting to that cut site.”
4.  “Don’t forget to spray your mama with plain ph balanced H20 to release the excess nitrogen before taking clones.”
5.  “20hrs of light works best, give at least 4hours of dark time to keep some sort of rythym in the cycle and reduce stress.”
6.  “Don’t give them too much light!  They like it nice and easy and some very mild florescent light is perfect.  Once they start roots you can begin adding more light.  If you’re using any of the 3w Advanced LED grow lights make sure you raise the light at least 30 inches above the new clones or they will fry!”
Cloning plants the right way can be one of the most beneficial methods when growing indoors. Cloning allows you to select your best mother plant and continue to benefit from her vigor and strength in all your harvests for a longer period of time.
The Best Grow Lights for Cloning and Vegging Plants

An all blue grow light is one of the best ways to start clones and at Advanced LED we have developed the best grow light for vegging and cloning plants.  Our Extreme Veg LED grow lights are some of the best lights for keeping a mother plant.
Happy Growing and Happy Cloning!

Benefits of using LED Grow Lights

Why Do We Use LED Grow Lights? In the freezing winter, it is time to work but you are still lying huddled up in bed. But there are a group of diligent workers who have been working all night without complaining about the cold weather at all. They are your LED Grow Lights, who play a crucial role in growing plants all year-round no matter how cold or hot outside. This kind of device can provide the most important thing a plant need to live with, known as light which can be converted into energy by photosynthesis. At the same time, a plant can acquire nutrition it needs by the process. It’s LED Grow Light that makes growing plants does not have to be a summer activity alone. Especially, most people idle away their time in winter. If they can do something to kill time, or rather, some delightful things like growing an adorable plant that will reward you with a blooming spring, isn’t it lovely? LED grow lights, devoted friends for many people, will help you to realize this. Here are some benefits that attract so many indoor gardeners to choose LED Grow Lights.

First, LED Grow Light can grow plants faster than traditional lightening system and natural sunlight. Isn’t it amazing for you to control the light at will? You can decide not only for how long plants are exposed to sunlight, but also the brightness and color plants need to grow better. For instance, if we can provide young plants with blue lights and older plant with orange ones, they would grow at a surprising speed.

Second, being good for the environment is another benefit to gardener who are using LED Grow Lights. Power-saving capacity is the most significant character. As a result, cost can be cut by more than a half and emitting little heat makes huge and extremely expensive cooling equipment unnecessary.

Third, LED Grow Lights make every body a good cultivator, because it can provide the most suitable condition plants need to grow with no matter what the weather is like outside. Therefore, what a gardener needs to do is only to water plants, change LED lamps, adjust temperature, and have a rest.

Fourth, LED Grow Lights can definitely bring gardeners respectable profit, because they can grow plants all year-round and with LED lights, plants can grow faster, which means LED lights can speed up the growing process.
Ok, The above information is Benefits of using LED Grow Lights. If you want to know more about LED Grow Lights, You can visit the website: buy best led grow light

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