Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing Steps

Medical marijuana is legal in a number of states in the US. In these states, people who have been diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions can make use of marijuana if it is recommended by their physicians. According to the laws in the various states, patients can also grow and posses marijuana legally, but the amount depends on what is recommended and allowed under the state laws. If you are looking to grow marijuana, given below is the basic marijuana growing steps.

These marijuana growing steps are as follows:

1. Choosing a place to grow – the attic, basement or the closet can be some of the best places to grow marijuana in the house.

2. Pots and soil – it is important to choose large plastic pots or buckets with drainage holes at the bottom. Make sure to fill the bottom of the pot with large gravel to facilitate drainage and the top layer with good quality potting soil. Marijuana plants do not grow well in acidic conditions, so make sure that the pH of the soil is between 6.5-7.5. in order to retain nutrients and moisture, place some humus in the soil. There are many nursery stores where you find the best soil for growing medical marijuana.

3. Lighting – marijuana plants require good amount of lighting when they are growing and for this reason, you may have to make arrangements for artificial lighting inside the space where you are planning to grow the substance. You can make use of fluorescent lighting or metal halide lights together with good ventilation and separate ballast.  recommend LED Grow Lights.If your plants receive 12 hours of light in a day, they will mature in 5 months time. if they receive 16 hours of light, they will mature in 4 months times and you give them 18 hours of light per day, you will have matured plants within 2 months. You can choose the amount of light you want your plants to grow in and it is always a good idea to set a timer daily for your lights.

4. Watering – shortage of water will affect the rate of photosynthesis and excess water will also affect the plant in a negative way. Make sure that you add water in the quantity that is required.

5. Harvesting and drying – the final stages towards cultivation is harvesting and drying. When the flowers start appearing, make sure that you adjust the lights so the plants receive lights for 12 hours and they stay in dark for the remaining 12 hours. Do not water the plant one week before harvesting as this will speed up the drying process. Once the plants have completed the flowering process, you can cut the plants, place them in paper bags stirring them daily. In about three weeks, the plants should be completely dry and ready for use.

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5 Countries Where Marijuana is Legal

Marijuana users have always sought legal loopholes in countries where it is illegal to own or smoke it. Many people choose to buy marijuana seeds (which is legal in many places), then grow and smoke their own (which is not!) But every marijuana smoker has probably dreamed at one point or another of living in a country where marijuana is legal – or at least where the “rules” concerning possession are so lax that it is effectively legal.

Most people know about Holland’s famously relaxed laws regarding marijuana (which is why it doesn’t feature on the list below!) While no other country has achieved such high profile recognition for making marijuana legal, a number of places around the world have quietly relaxed their laws concerning possession for personal use. In most of these countries, possession still remains technically illegal, but penalties are not enforced if you are within certain guidelines – this is known as decriminalisation.

So, if living in a country where marijuana possession isn’t punished by the law sounds like heaven, here are five places you should consider emigrating!


After a recent court debate about whether or not to punish those who buy and grow marijuana, Argentina has effectively made marijuana legal if it is in small quantities for personal use. A leading judge in Argentina even decided that it was “unconstitutional” to legislate against marijuana possession! Those who buy marijuana seeds and grow their own are also leniently treated, so long as they are growing a small number of plants. The country is also notably supportive of several medical marijuana programs.


Before you go booking a one way ticket to Sydney, make sure you do your research. Different regions have different rules, but Western Australia, Southern Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland have all decriminalised marijuana to a certain degree. In Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland, police have taken to “ticketing” those caught with less than 50 grams of marijuana rather than arresting them, and Western and Southern Australia have instituted on the spot fines for minor possession rather than official warnings or arrests.


Since 2003, the Belgian government has made the possession and use of marijuana legal under the following conditions:

• The amount possessed is 5 grams or less
• You are over 18
• You do not smoke in the presence of minors
• You do not smoke in public

You can buy marijuana seeds and grow them in Belgium without penalty – however, you are only allowed to own one female plant. The purchase and sale of marijuana is still illegal, but most Belgians simply get their marijuana in Holland.

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Colombia, has had relaxed laws concerning drug possession for over ten years. Possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, one gram of cocaine and one gram of heroin is not considered to be illegal, although things may change – recent conservative governments have considered repealing this law to combat Colombia’s drug culture.

Unlike the other countries on this list, Nepal doesn’t have an actual decriminalisation policy towards marijuana – it’s rather that the laws they have are hardly ever enforced! Marijuana used to be legal in Nepal, making it a hippy Mecca in the 1960’s and early 70’s. It has been illegal since 1973 – not that you’d notice. Marijuana is widely available and used, especially by Nepalese holy men. Note that smuggling and growing are punished, but possession and personal use rarely are – if the police catch you smoking they will stop you, but only to collect a small bribe!

Selecting a Right Hydroponics Growing System

Selecting the right hydroponics growing systems doesn’t accept to be a difficult task. There are 3 aloft factors to accede aback chief which hydroponic growing systems to use.

1. How abundant space do you accept accessible to set up your hydroponics growing system?

2. What types of plants do you plan to grow?

3. How much do you plan to invest into hydroponics gardening? Will you abound a few plants as a hobby, or will you abound many types of plants on a beyond scale?

There are 6 capital types of hydroponic growing systems acclimated in hydroponic gardening today.  Below is a short explanation for all.

The Ebb and Flow (or Flood and Drain) System

The Ebb and Flow (or Flood and Drain) System is fabricated up of a abound tray placed on top of a reservoir. The way this growing system works is by calamity the abound tray briefly with a band-aid of hydroponic nutrients alloyed with water. The plants blot the comestible solution, and any surplus band-aid is drained aback into the backlog to be recycled. The ebb and breeze systems is commonly controlled by a timer and pump which can be set to flood the abound tray several times per day.

The Drip System

The Drip system is the best accepted system acclimated in hydroponic gardening. The drip system operates in a agnate way to that of the ebb and flow system. Hydroponic nutrients alloyed with water are pumped from the backlog up to the abound tray, about the comestible band-aid is fed through baby dribble curve and is dripped at the abject of the plants. The pump is controlled by a timer which can be set to several watering times per day. Some of these hydroponic growing systems acquiesce the surplus comestible band-aid to cesspool aback into the backlog for recycling, the aforementioned as the ebb and breeze system. These kind of growing systems are accepted as recovery systems.

The Wick System

The Wick system is a actual simple growing system and requires little accomplishment to maintain. The Wick systems are a acquiescent system, with no affective genitalia to it. Comestible band-aid is fatigued from the backlog up to the advance tray via a wick. Various growing mediums can be acclimated with these hydroponic agronomical systems including Vermiculite, Perlite and Coconut Fiber. Suggest useing LED Grow Lights for hydroponic.

Deep Water Culture System

The Deep Water Culture systems is the best basal hydroponic growing system, and was the aboriginal to be acclimated in the aboriginal days. The Deep Water Culture systems consist of a backlog abounding with comestible solution. A amphibian belvedere is placed on top of the solution, and the plants abound in this belvedere with their roots blind bottomward through the belvedere into the solution. An air pump is commonly acclimated with these kind of hydroponics growing systems to accommodate oxygen to the plant’s roots.

Nutrient Film Technique (or NFT)

The Nutrient Film Technique (also accepted as NFT) is an actual accepted hydroponic agronomical system. The NFT systems is hardly altered to added growing systems in that the plants abound in a attenuate Film of comestible and oxygen-rich water. The comestible and water band-aid is pumped into the abound tray or tube which flows beyond the plants roots, and the surplus is drained aback into the backlog for recycling as in the aloft systems. Usually there is no growing average acclimated with this growing systems as the plants are accurate in baby baskets which acquiesce the roots to adhere bottomward into the comestible solution. etc

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Hydroponics Gardening And How To Set It Up

Hydroponic gardens are one of the most common and popular methods of garden that are used today by many gardeners. They are easy to maintain and do not require as much space as normal gardens would. This makes it easier to maintain as all that is needed in some instances is a solid formula that can be obtained from many popular gardening websites. Naturally this kind of system will not need a lot of work to grow and maintain any kind of plants. In fact for most of these kind of gardens, any plant can be grown. Hydroponic garden involves plants grown in water or grown in Rockwool and it requires special attention. This method enables plants to be grown closer together in a field, so the yield of crops is increased. This type of gardening takes less space, plants are growing faster and this technique takes less time. Gardening can be started from a pre-existing plant or from a seed, and everything depends on what plant you want to grow. First of all, we are going to need container. Plant would determine the size of container. Some say that container should be dark colored and it would keep algae from growing in the water and take nutrients from the plant. The supports for the stems can be different things, depending on what plants you will want to grow, like may be straws, sticks or other things etc. Learning how to plant your own hydroponic garden will require a bit of attention but is fairly easy to do. For starters, you will need to get a container of water. It is better to fill out the container only with water, and the water doesn’t have to be distilled, but should be sterilized by boiling. For those who know more about hydroponics systems, right nutrients should be added in the water. It is important to measure appropriate amount and stir it into the water. Your plants will also need light. The best solution would be 10 hours of natural light daily or you can opt for LED grow lights if you do not have decent lighting. LED grow light is just one of many artificial lights designed for hydroponic systems. Nutrients are another essential that you will need to ensure that your Hydroponic garden is healthy Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are all important. You should understood how much of which nutrients is need, but before all of that to know are those already present in the water. It is also important to measure pH level using pH stripes, because water must remain neutral to some level. At the end it is necessary to check temperature of the water so that whole process can be successful. Although the initial setting up of the garden will require you to spend some time but once your garden is up and blooming you will see that gardening is not such a hard thing.

Agronomical hydroponic – The Key To Effective Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics can be developed at home if an adapted ambiance is provided to them. If you accept been attractive for a technology that allows growing agriculture at home your chase ends with hydroponics. With agriculture you can abound plants at home with a ambit of average added than soil. This can be done by creating a hydroponic arrangement central or outdoors.

Hydroponic growers can allotment their adventures with you and accomplish you abundant added acquainted about the allowances of home developed hydroponics. Plants are fed throughout biconcave in comestible solutions. Different systems are deployed to abound plants hydroponically. Comestible is abounding aloft abeyant roots and drained from time to time which provides added acceptable nutrients for agronomics of agriculture at home.

Containers such as jars and buckets or angle tanks can be acclimated as hydroponic containers for calm hydroponic gardening. You charge to accomplish abiding of alignment a acceptable lighting arrangement central for the added acceptable advance of the plants. Led abound lights are acceptable and can be a acceptable antecedent of acceptable blush of the advance of hydroponic plants.

PH akin of the comestible band-aid has to be monitored for calm hydroponic cultivation. Ph strips can be acclimated for the same.

Agronomical hydroponic is accessible if assertive factors are taken affliction of. The affection of air is of abundant accent and clamminess akin has to be able-bodied maintained for advantageous agronomical at home. Various plants can be developed in home with hydroponic technology and you can alpha with the ones you are adequate at growing in the aboriginal place.

Tomatoes can be calmly developed at home and you will additionally get pleasure with agronomical hydroponic while you adept the art of agriculture slowly. The tomatoes developed with agriculture are of added acceptable affection and they are absolutely bigger in ad measurement than approved tomatoes in the bazaar place. Assertive companies accommodate avant-garde nutrients for growing agriculture at home and you can absolutely try them.

Oxygen is capital for the advantageous advance of plants. It is congenital in the comestible solution. Alike the top clay hardly holds as a abundant accord of oxygen as a soilless hydroponic base. The oxygen in the arena of roots accelerates plants uptake of nutrients. Plants abound faster hydroponically as they digest nutrients bound and entirely.

Agronomical hydroponic is authentic than clay gardening. Clay works as a absorber for nutrients and holds them best than the apathetic hydroponic medium. Hydroponically developed plants tend to abound faster with a little added blooming bulb activity as analyze to the plants developed in soil. When roots are belted the advance slows bottom-ward while hydroponic plants accept no brake on the advance of roots.

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