Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

A line great products that can make a huge difference in your hydroponic garden are LED grow lights. While hydroponic gardening is a great step in and of itself towards self sufficiency, LED grow lights use only a small percentage of the energy required to power metal halide lights or high pressure sodium lights. LED grow lights are much easier on your electric bill too! They operate at a fraction of the voltage of typical grow lights (20V versus 120V). In addition, they do not contain the highly toxic mercury used in metallic vapor and fluorescent lights.

The efficiency of LED grow lights is not limited to power consumption. Florescent bulbs require a ballast to run which will eventually burn out and need replaced – not so with LED lights. A desirable feature of LED grow lights is specialization where a specific color (red or blue) is used for different stages of plant growth. Most light emitted by metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs is out of the spectrum that is beneficial to plants and is wasted.

Have you ever tried to touch a metal halide or high pressure sodium bulb when it is on? They burn at such a high temperature that you could easily burn your skin – and your plants! This means that the heat has to be taken away from the plants with expensive duct work and fans. 300W LED grow lights are warm to the touch so no worry about burning plants or removing excess heat. No shades or reflectors needed either as the LED lights operate at a relatively dim level – great for your plants and easy on your eyes. This also translates into less watering needed due to evaporation.

The barrier for most people when choosing appropriate lighting for their indoor hydroponic garden is cost. 600w LED grow lights carry a higher investment to get started than traditional methods although they cost substantially less to run over time. The higher investment can easily be recouped within the first 2 growing seasons in most cases in terms of energy savings and upkeep. They are much more durable and sturdy than traditional grow lights and have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours – nearly 12 years of normal use.

Using 3w chip LED grow lights for your hydroponic garden will provide you healthier plants with higher yields. You plants will stay cooler because the LEDs throw off very little heat. Heat related root damage and rapid dehydration will no longer be an issue. Add all of this with the environmentally friendly aspect of LED grow lights and you have what is to be the next standard in hydroponic gardening.

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