Medical Marijuana Myths and Facts

A herb used as a drug, marijuana is also known as cannabis. Two forms of marijuana, herbal and the resinous, are used in the preparation of the drug. Hashish is the resinous form of marijuana. Sub-tending leaves and flowers of the plant are used in preparing the drug. The plant contains a chemical compound, tetrahydrocannabinol, which is used for medicinal purposes.

Marijuana Myths and Facts

There are many myths surrounding the effects caused by marijuana. Some of them are discussed below.

Myth#1: It is said that the intake of marijuana leads to permanent mental illness. Even small amounts of the drug are capable of causing psychological damage in children.
Fact: Marijuana intake sometimes results into anxiety, panic and paranoia; however, it doesn’t cause permanent mental damage. If marijuana is eaten directly, chances are, that the person temporarily suffers from toxic psychosis.

Myth#2: The drug is considered highly addictive. People who use marijuana, face severe withdrawal symptoms.
Fact: According to the facts recorded in the US, not even 1% Americans are addicted to marijuana. Even those who use heavy doses of the drug, don’t face any kind of withdrawal symptoms.

Myth#3: The marijuana that is available today, is more potent than that of the ’60s decade. The drug has become more dangerous over time.
Fact: The drug hasn’t undergone any changes in its properties, as is presented by some people. The samples seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration do not represent the marijuana that is generally used by people.

Myth#4: The offenders who violate the laws regarding the usage of marijuana are not arrested. Strict action is not taken against them.
Fact: Contrary to the belief that violators of marijuana are not punished, the truth is that around 86% of the offenders were arrested for illegal possession of the drug. Thousands of people have served the punishment for the offense.

Myth#5: Marijuana is considered the cause behind diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema and bronchitis.
Fact: The above argument doesn’t hold much truth behind it. Marijuana smoking is not frequent even among regular smokers in comparison with those who smoke tobacco products. Marijuana intake doesn’t play any role in the development of lung cancer. The fact was supported by a paper presented to the American Thoracic Society in the year 2006.

Myth#6: Cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive substance used for medicinal purpose. It is said that drugs that are more effective in action than marijuana, are available in the market.
Fact: Even today, marijuana is used in the treatment of various problems. The drug is used to reduce nausea, that results from chemotherapy. It is also used to reduce the spasticity in muscles in patients suffering from various neurological disorders.

Myth#7: Cannabis is considered a ‘gateway’ drug i.e. the drug is believed to induce the intake of potent and dangerous drugs such as cocaine, LSD and heroin.
Fact: The myth that marijuana is a gateway drug, is based on a fragile assumption and statistical association between the usage of common and uncommon drugs. The facts state that many of them who use marijuana, have never consumed any of the illegal drugs.

Myth#8: It is believed that the intake of marijuana induces apathetic behavior and makes people passive in their approach. People tend to lose their productivity in work and students perform badly in studies.
Fact: Even after many years of research, scientists have failed to understand the relation between marijuana and the apathetic behavior in people. Thus, the drug has nothing to do with the productivity of employees or the grades of students.

Misconceptions prevent us from understanding the truth behind many things. Myths develop as a result of apathy and ignorance. Thus, it is important to remain vigilant and understand the true picture behind any given fact.

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  1. The blog gives the information on the medical marijuana myths use at home for saving money, energy as well as time. It has a different invented wireless technology for controlling the time…Thanks…

  2. in response to myth number 3. I have been using marijuana in 1 way or another for 41 years and the marijuana that I get now is definitely stronger than what I use to get 41 years ago. since I have become a legal medical marijuana patient I have had the opportunity to sample some extremely potent cannabis from dispensaries. no comparison to what I got 41 years ago, however as far as dangerous absolutely not. I would however recommend a vaporizer over smoking, smoking anything is not good for you. the combustion process produces too many toxins.

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