Some useful gardening tools for women

Gardening is a hobby which a number of individuals enjoy since it is relaxing, and surely gives you happiness when you literally see the fruits of your labor growing in your garden. It is known to be something that both men and women enjoy, but you will always find the women more affectionate towards plants and flowers. However, gardening doesn’t just mean planting a seed, watering it and then waiting for it to bloom.

There are many other things in gardening like ploughing, pruning, spraying pesticides, etc. which are needed to get a better yield or product. And to practice all these important techniques, there are specific gardening tools which are required for each of them. If you are thinking of giving a lady gardening gifts, these tools would surely be an excellent choice. Thus, find out what are these gardening tools for women, which are basic and don’t need too much effort to be used.

Best Gardening Tools for Women

There are two types of gardening tools used in gardening, which are hand tools and power tools. The hand tools are the basic tools used in gardening which were used for agriculture in the ancient times and are still effective. These are the spade, pitchfork, garden hoe, garden fork, plough and the garden rake which were made from bone and wood in the earlier times.

However, today there are some more power gardening tools which are used for cutting, pruning and watering. This gardening tools list includes cultivators, irrigation sprinklers, string trimmer, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and weeders. But, if you are considering to use these as gardening tools for women, you can stick to the smaller power tools or simply sophisticated hand tools. So read on and find out what women would love to use while gardening.

Digging Tools
There are various types of gardening tools for women which are used for digging. These hand gardening tools don’t need to be heavy but simple yet useful ones like light shovels and digging forks. The shovels that are to be used by women, can be the ones with smaller blades for superficial digging. There are other shovels which have deep and narrow blades, commonly used for transplanting, that can be used for deeper digging. Forks with long handles usually help in breaking hard ground without bending or putting too much effort, ideal for older women.

Pruning Tools
For pruning of small shrubs and herbaceous plants, you can prefer various types of hand pruners. When it comes to buying the best pruners, the sharpness and the blade always matters, so make sure you get effective ones. Another very important gardening tool in pruning is the pruning saw which is used to cut off the large branches that are thicker than the rest. Since you are buying this equipment for women, also make sure you purchase light weight pruners.

Other Basic Tools
Tilters, spades, trowels, a hand cultivator, hoes for weed control, a rain gauge and a soil pH tester are some other very essential gardening tools for women. These tools can be used right from starting a new garden to maintaining one to get very rich yield. You can also find bulb planters which help in planting large amounts of flower bulbs at once. Garden scissors, knives and gloves are also one of the best gardening tools for seniors as they don’t require to put in too much effort in gardening. Well, don’t miss out the watering tools, which can work best as gardening gifts for women.

Now that you have a large list of useful gardening tools for women, go pick them out from your nearest store. You will surely help someone who loves gardening make a beautiful flower or fruit garden using all of them!

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