LED Grow Light Coverage Area Guide

I have already stated that there are many factors that can affect the coverage area of LED grow lights, here is a rough guide to what I think are suitable grow spaces for a given wattage of light. There are many LED manufacturers and many more wattages of lights so here is a list of common sizes. All lights listed are 3 spectrum(Red+Blue+Orange) LED grow lights. By keeping these guidelines in mind with your growing effort, you will find that your results will match or exceed your expectations.

Light Wattage Vegetative Stage Coverage Flowering Stage Coverage
90 Watt 4′ by 4′ 2′ by 2′
120W~200w 5′ by 5′ 3′ by 3′
300W 6′ by 6′ 4′ by 4′
600W 7′ by 7′ 5′ by 5′

LED Grow Light Coverage

Coverage area varies widely depending upon many factors:

wattage of individual diodes
shape of the grow light
degree angle of the diodes
overall wattage of the light
intended usage
. . . the list goes on

Of all of the reasons coverage is affected, the most important is its intended usage. You see, many manufacturers publish coverage areas based on the vegetative stage. This is a very important point. When plants are in the vegetative stage, they need less intense lighting than in the flowering stage. As cannabis growers already know, getting plants successfully through the vegetative stage with LED grow lights is pretty straight forward at this point. It gets tricky when bringing your plants through the flowering stage successfully due partly to the fact that some lights are just not up to the challenge. More importantly manufacturers are eager to show clients a huge savings in electricity (thus justifying the higher entry cost) stating a 90W LED grow light can support a gardening space of 4’x4′.

Let me be blunt here – a 90W LED grow light can support a 4’x4′ footprint but only during the vegetative growth of plants like lettuce, herbs, and some fruits and vegetables. If that is what you are wanting to grow then you will do just fine. For those of you growing cannabis, coverage expectations need to be put in check.

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