Top 5 Reasons To Buy LED Grow Lights

Grow lights have been used by indoor gardeners for many years and now growers can use 3w LED grow lights to avoid the typical problems HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights include. LED grow lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular grow lights for a number of reasons including the following:

1. Less Heat

LED grow lights producing the level of light intensity needed but also reducing heat in the grow space by as much as 70%. Heat in any garden can create many problems including faster drying of growing medium, evaporation in hydroponic systems and of course high temperatures which can lead to all sorts of issues . Plants species grow optimally in specific temperature ranges and older HID lights will almost always require cooling systems or even high wattage air conditioning units.

2. Less Electricity

Extreme Flower LEDs are simply the best 600w LED grow lights on the market because they produce the level of light intensity needed while also limiting the amount of electrical current used. This new technology is called OptiCurrent and provides every grower with the ability to save on electricity being used for their greenhouse operation. This reduction in electricity is also coupled with the reduction in heat being produced (too much electric equals increases in heat) which allows for less cooling wattage being needed which also results in less total electric being consumed.

3. No Bulbs to Replace

300w LED grow lights do not have the typical incandescent bulbs that burn out and even explode. LEDs are built to last over 5 years without issue (unless too much current in applied) and can even last as long as 10 years without needing to be replaced. This is also a huge factor when it comes to greenhouse safety since HID bulbs are known to explode and can even catch things on fire.

4. High Efficiency

When we looked at the growing ability of LED grow lights over HID lights we found one glaring results; efficiency was much higher. LED grow lights were tested to provide the basis of efficiency over an HID light. HID lights are only about 15% efficient while the 120w LED grow lights we tested were well over 90% efficiency and in some cases 98% efficient. This efficiency advantage is due to the ability for LED grow lights to emit only the wavelengths of light that plants can use and can even target peak PAR wavelengths to provide the highest growth rates per watt available.

5. No Plant Burns

HID lights are so intense that the grower must always raise the lights and keep them at least 24 inches above the highest plant to avoid plant burns and reduced growth. HID lights emit high levels of Infra Red light which is only heat and leads to burns on the tops of plants and may even kill some young plants if the lights are not maintained on a regular basis. 90w UFO LED grow lights emit very minor amounts of IR and UV light and are not hot at all which provides growers an easier garden to manage without worrying about plants being burned or killed.

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