Home Grown Hydroponics – Grow Hydroponics on Your Own

If you have been looking for a growing method that allows growing hydroponics at home, and is environmentally sustainable, home grown hydroponics is the perfect method for you. Home grown hydroponics allows you to grow plants at home in various media other than soil. This can be done by setting up your preferred hydroponic system indoors or outdoors.

Growers have experienced the benefits of home grown hydroponics for years now. It’s an ideal medium to get bigger and better yields, especially in regions where soil is rocky or parched.

Plants are fed nutrients through advanced hydroponic nutrient solutions in the hydroponic growing method. Various growing systems are used to grow plants hydroponically such as ebb and flow, wick system, deep water culture, drip systems, aeroponics and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). But, it should be noted that every simple hydroponic system has a different nutrient delivery method. For example, in the ebb and flow method, nutrient solution is flooded over suspended roots and drained from time to time; whereas in the wick system, the nutrient solution is drawn into the growing medium from reservoir with a wick to feed plants.

Some people have their own method of creating hydroponic reservoirs. But, you’ll have to make sure that they fit into the system. Containers used at home such as jars and buckets or even fish tanks can be used as reservoirs. And, if you would like to use a medium other than water, you can opt for sand, coco coir, clay pebbles, or rock wool pads too.

When you’re growing indoors or in an area where there is no adequate supply of sunlight, you’ll also need to use grow lights in addition to any of these systems. Grow lights are substitutes of direct sunlight to get good growth of indoor hydroponic plants.

You’ll have to keep an eye on plants’ pH levels in your home grown hydroponic garden too. You can get simple pH strips to check the pH levels. If your plants start getting too acidic, you can get good quality pH stabilizers that will help your plants look great.

The quality of air is an important factor in indoor hydroponic gardens. Home grown hydroponic plants can wilt or rot, if the level of humidity is high. You can also face problems of algae or insect infestation in similar scenarios. Such troubles can be avoided by installing fans or an air conditioning unit to circulate the air.

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