Grow Lights – A Boom to Cultivators of FR

In the winter, indoor plants don’t get sufficient light and warmth. A grow light or plant light is an electric light and an artificial light source that helps to stimulate the plant growth by emitting light spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Lack of sunlight or the total absence of sunlight makes the cultivators to find an alternate as to use grow lights.

The success and failure of an indoor garden depends on the right amount of good grow light received by the plants. It is a pricey and most important decision to choose the right hydroponic light. Type of plant, the area of coverage and the plants stage of growth like vegetative growth phase, seedling etc are different factors that decides the requirement of light. This can be measured by a light wattage output. Basic set up of an indoor garden with an area of 16-25 square feet of plant area requires 1000w of lighting. Reflectors can also be used to improve the efficiency of indoor hydroponic gardening system.

Florescent, Incandescent lights, High Intensity Discharge grow lights or HID lights are the three main types of hydroponics growing lights. Incandescent lights emit limited and inefficient light spectrum, so they are considered to be poor choice. The main advantage of hydroponics growing lights is that they produce more heat and more efficient. The disadvantage would be the HID lights produce more heat, costlier than incandescent lights, requires additional expenses for maintenance and hydroponic grow lights takes 100hrs before reaching its optimum working condition.

A comprehensive range of grow lights, digital grow lights, grow lamps, ballasts, digital ballasts, reflectors are available in FR market. Blue spectrum light may trigger the first vegetative phase of growth, high pressure sodium lights for the second vegetative phase of growth and red spectrum triggers a greater flowering response in plants.

LED grow lights are relatively inexpensive, bright, long-lasting, work for more than 100,000 hours, consume less electricity and emit specific ranges of light which is ideal for plant growth. You don’t need a heavy cooling system as LED grow lights don’t emit too much of heat. Disposal of LED lights is easier as it doesn’t contain any toxins or heavy metals.

Once you learn the basics of using a grow light, it will be very easy to start with the seedlings and continue to use them till the seeds are ripened. Grow lights are indispensable in the field of indoor gardening.

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