Growing Marijuana In The Legal States of the US

After marijuana became legal in almost 14 states in the US, growing marijuana has become an American pastime. There are many reasons for this and one of the main reasons is for medical purpose. With the increased interest in growing marijuanaindoors, there are many guides available on the internet that people can use to grow marijuana on their own. However, growing, possessing or making use of marijuana is still a criminal offense and is punishable under the federal law. Although the 14 states have legalised the use of medical cannabis, it must be understand that growing is only legal to those who have acquired a license to do so. A license is only issued to patients of serious medical conditions who have the need to usemarijuana in the treatment of their conditions. Apart from the patients, it is those group of people who have acquired a license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary may grow the substance. In this article, I am not going to go into the details of growing this substance at home, but I will simply give an overview of how the process works. This may be useful for those who have acquired a medical marijuana registry card and are looking to grow marijuana at home.

There are four basic steps of growing medical marijuana indoors. These include the following:

1. Getting the seeds – the first and the most essential thing you need to grow marijuana is the seeds. There are many people who have a seed collection of one kind or the other and you can ask your friends whether they have the seeds you use to grow the plant.

2. Germinating the seeds – germinating the seed is a simple process. Although it is possible to get the plants by simply dropping the seeds in moist soil, it is recommended to germinate the seeds first so you can be sure of getting the plants. To germinate the seeds, you can use moist paper towels or a moist sponge.
You can place the seeds in between the paper towels or moist sponge and leave them for a day or two. In a day or two, you will notice that the seeds have already germinated.

3. Planting – once the seed has begun to sprout, you can plant it in moist soil.

4. Lighting – lighting is really important so make sure that you supply enough light to the plants. You can use artificial lights and hang them two inches above the soil.

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These are the four basic steps for growing marijuana indoors.

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