In What Ways Led Lights are Superior to HID Lights?

In those days, sodium vapor lamps and metallic halide bulbs were largely used in houses. Nowadays, these lamps have been replaced by led lighting which is durable and affordable. When it comes to indoor equipments, still people use sodium bulbs in bathrooms and kitchen. Led lights are extensively preferred form of lighting in industries and factories at places where clear light effect is required. That apart, these white lights found its usage in vehicles as beam lights, in signboards and signals in roads and hospitals, and also in airports in the runway and many other places.

What is LED
Switch to LED lighting and light a healthy environment
Using light emitting diode lamps it is possible to create beautifully colored lamps emitting particular frequency of color shade. In other words, the required intensity of lighting is previously programmed into the light, thus saving more energy. Ultimately this would drastically reduce your monthly current bill. You can now use minimal lighting at places where you do not require much lighting such as garden, toilet and kitchen. This method of utilizing minimal energy is not possible with high intensity diode lamps. Hence it can be said that HID lamps will automatically consume more power, contributing to increased electricity usage.

Though it is true that light emitting diodes are expensive when compared to the traditional HID lamps, still it is a onetime investment, and it can bring down your monthly current bills drastically. If you compare the figures of monthly usage of both the bulbs for a year, then you will understand the advantages of light emitting diode lamps and fittings.

The usage of powerful lights is not limited to just home alone. In most of the offices you can find current saving bulbs and lamps. In a typical corporate sector, these lights would create the required ambience of lighting by its resourceful powering capacity. Several hotels and restaurants also use the LED lights at various watts for highlighting the environment thereby improving the sales and profit. Some business depends entirely on these light emitting diodes for enhancing their sales. You can find different colors of the lighting effect in aquariums, in jewelry shops, in apparel stores and in several other retail outlets. In mining industry, workers have to ultimately depend on powerful lights which are capable of producing enough heat and warmth required for sustaining life.

In addition to this, Led lighting is visually quite appealing for us. In addition, it can be used in gardens as well, for providing optimal lighting required for photosynthesis to take place, in poor weather conditions.

LED Grow lights better for Indoor garden

Plants need light in order to perform photosynthesis, whereby the plant converts light to energy for itself. This energy is what causes the plant to grow, mature and reproduce. The key to good photosynthesis in indoor gardening situations is having ample grow lights available to all plants. Without grow bulbs, growing plants will struggle to reach the little light available, and will grow spindly and weak stems, if they grow at all.

LED grow lights also make sense environmentally. They are more efficient and use less power than other lighting methods. They are very quiet and have extremely low maintenance. This lighting also does not contain any mercury and can be recycled after use. Testing on plants using LED grow lights and another method of light showed that the plants that were exposed to the Led lighting grew faster and were healthier than those using another source of lighting. LED grow lights are the way to make sure that your plant gets exactly what it needs. Many LED grow lights provide the right light output needed to get proper growth from your plants. Targeting the light allows you to fine tune your garden. Instead of spreading light all over the place, new LED lights are directional which shoots all the lights energy at the intended area. This is a much more efficient use of light. Being able to use your lighting more efficiently will save you money on your utility bill and reduce your cooling costs inside your growing area.

LED grow lights also consume less electricity than non-LED grow lights do, saving you money over time in energy costs. Because LED Grow Lights are environmentally friendly, they will result in healthier, more productive plants. Because they emit very little in the way of heat, LED Grow Lights allow your plants to keep cooler. Plants thrive at room temperature, receiving all the light they require without growth-stunting excess heat. In addition, your plants will suffer less from heat-related root damage that can occur when hot conventional grow lights heat the soil. With LED Grow Lights, your plants will also require less watering.

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LED Aquarium Light – The Sufficient Light To The Aquarium Marine Lives

Nowadays, lighting has become a vital part of aquarium. The health of the plants in your aquarium depends upon the lighting. Therefore, a wrong choice can lead to improper growth of plants and cause algae formation. However, you can prevent such things from happening. With the advancement in science and technology, aquarium LED lights have been now introduced in the market. Actually, LED refers to ‘Light emitting diodes’. The different diodes radiate different wavelengths and colors of light. The basic colors are red, yellow and blue. But, combination of wavelengths from different diodes appears to be white.

If you are a beginner and want to buy a fish aquarium, then collect insightful information about aquarium lighting from reliable online resources. Basically, the LED lamps are used to provide light to fish and plant life inside the aquarium. Typically, they are long and narrow rods. It can be placed overhead or behind the fish tank. There are so many advantages of using aquarium LED lighting. It is experiencing soaring popularity, since it’s more energy efficient than other lightings available. Probably, it may cost you more to buy. But, they certainly last longer and conserve more energy. Interestingly, they don’t contain glass tubes and mercury. There will be minimal damaged caused, if they accidentally fall into the aquarium.

Indisputably, aquariums are the best means to keep a source of natural habitat in your homes. Mostly, people don’t realize that it’s very difficult to maintain the fish tank and its inhabitants. You should change the water on regular basis and arrange the food for fishes on daily basis. Apart from that, aquarium lighting is an important aspect of a beautiful aquarium. Many people do not place emphasis on this aspect. Actually, the fishes, plants and corals require specific amount of light to grow. However, the frequency of aquarium LED lights is suitable for the growth of marine aquatic animals. In fact, their wavelengths are essential for photosynthesis of plant life in your aquarium.

Truly, the aquarium LED lighting is designed well to mimic the natural daylight. It’s most effective when they are placed overhead. On the other hand experts suggest stimulating the natural lighting as much as possible. But, LED lights are the reliable and energy efficient way of providing sufficient light to the aquarium marine lives. Make sure that the water temperature of the fish tank is comfortable for fishes and other aquarium animals. Regulate the natural water temperature, in order to provide best environment to the fish pets and aquatic plants. Don’t bother about the expenses involved in buying these lights. By the way, offer excellent deals.

Originally, the LED lights are used as the replacement lights for incandescent indicators. Presently, such lights can be found anywhere from street lights to costumes and from lab instruments to fish aquariums. Check out, in order to gather detailed information about aquarium LED lights.

90W UFO LED Grow Light for Your Hydroponic Garden

The key to establishing a successful hydroponic garden is to implement proper lighting that will let you grow vegetables, fruits and herbs all year long. Below is a quick review on the benefits of LED grow lights and a special opportunity for a Free Consultation.

LED grow lights have much higher amount of USE-ABLE light per watt than HPS or MH indoor grow lights and they last longer – up to 10 years in fact. Now I am saying that a 90W UFO LED grow light with 2W chip can Equal to 400-600w HPS/MH. In addition, they produce a fraction of the heat of HID setups and therefore do not require cooling fans. The lights only use 20 to 30 percent of the electricity that HID lights use. Above all, LED grow lights do not require other equipment such as ballasts and reflectors like most grow lights do.

There are many different types of LED grow lights and it is very important to choose the best one for your hydroponic garden. One of the most popular ones on the market is the 90W UFO grow light.

Benefits of 90W UFO LED Grow Lights

Uses 90 watts of power that are more intense and result in faster growth rates than HID lights.
Does not produce any heat and will not burn your plants or cause excess evaporation.
All of the light is directed at the plants and the light that is emitted matches the spectrum of light necessary for photosynthesis.
Produces thicker vegetative growth, larger blooms, and increased yields over equivalent HID lights.
Aside from standard red/blue UFO Grow lights, many people prefer to use Tri-band LED grow lights. The benefit of using a Tri-band Spectrum is that the plants absorb the key spectrum of red, blue and orange light. These lights are designed to provide key wavelengths for optimal growth at all stages.

Now, a new addition to the LED Grow Light team is the which offers a red, blue, and orange arrangement with 2 different bands in each of the red and blue spectrum.

To choose the correct 1W chip, 2W chip, 3W chip LED grow light for your plant, you have to determine the needs of your hydroponic garden. Are you growing leafy, short plants or taller, flowering plants? What are the dimensions of your grow space? Would you prefer an all-in-one grow light solution or would you like your color panels separate to allow tweaking during specific stages?

I have been told by a few people that they have experienced less than optimal results from their 1W chip LED grow lights. Without fail the number one reason for failure is that they bought cheap, discount 1W chip LED grow lights that were horribly underpowered.

Don’t worry – I get it. To start out, 3W chip LED grow lights are a bit more expensive than their HID light counterparts, however, that gap is shrinking all the time and is easily recovered (and then some) in reduced electricity bills and by not needing expensive heat removal systems or ballasts. It is easy to gravitate to the less expensive models if you are on a budget but don’t! You will be disappointed.

As a rule, you should never buy an LED grow light unless each LED has an output of 1 Watt. In the above example, you would need only one 300W LED grow light with 3W chip to cover over 45 square feet and it would have the power to penetrate a leafy canopy if growing taller plants.

While some people use natural sunlight, others who want indoor gardens find that one of the best choices for lighting are LED grow lights. They are more economical, energy efficient and can be controlled for best results in your hydroponic garden.

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